Massachusetts War Vet a Grateful VFI Volunteer

By JWV MA Barry Lischinsky

In the latest edition of “The Jewish Veteran” on page 14, there is an article written by JWV MA National Judge Advocate (NJA) Harvey Weiner titled “Sar-El (Volunteers for Israel).”

Sar-El was organized in 1982 as an Israeli based National Project for Volunteers for the State of Israel. Throughout the years over 3,500 Sar-El Volunteers arrive in Israel annually to volunteer their service. Based on the guidance of both JWV MA Harvey Weiner and JWV NJ Nelson Mellitz, I participated in a Sar-El Mission. I had the privilege to team with thirty (30) Sar-El Volunteers from eight (8) nations (Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Norway, South Africa and United States).

Together we combined our efforts by restocking field hospital medical/surgical kits that will be used for future global operations by the Israeli military. At the conclusion of the mission, I was honored to fulfill my “rite of passage” as a Sar-El Volunteer. I would especially like to thank our team members for their hard work and dedicated service, the Israeli soldiers that provided our team with care and comfort, as well as both JWV MA Harvey Weiner and JWV NJ Nelson Mellitz for recommending that I participate in a Sar-El Mission. (On a side note, four (4) of the thirty (30) Sar-El Volunteers that participated in this Sar-El Mission were Members of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA from the Departments of FL, MA, NV, and NY).