My Mother, Ida Marsha

By Rochelle Marshall, a 17-time VFI volunteer   My mother, Ida Marshall was working on tanks in Israel in 1983, after she was told she was too old to join the program. In those days Sar- El was only accepting volunteers who were 55 or younger.   My mother finally located the New York office … Read more

August 2020 Volunteer in the Spotlight – Brad Jacobson

By Joan Allyn Kodish, This month’s honoree was born and raised in Delaware but, has certainly ventured far from the east coast!  He has volunteered through the aegis of Volunteers for Israel (VFI) so many times over so many, many years that he can no longer accurately count the number.  His participation in Sar-El goes … Read more


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May 2020 Volunteer in the Spotlight – Marion Richer

By Joan Allyn Kodish, This month’s honoree, Marion Richer, personifies the old adage that “you can’t keep a good woman down” and Volunteers for Israel (VFI) is all the better for her dedication!  Undoubtedly, she is among the longest-serving and most consistent volunteers in the entire history of Gen Davidi’s genius stroke of helping volunteers … Read more

January 2020 Volunteer in the Spotlight—Carol Kent

By Joan Allyn Kodish, This month’s honoree must be much loved in the Great Lakes region of Volunteers for Israel (VFI) because she was nominated by several different people! Apparently, her team approach to leadership and operation of the region and her skill in working with first-time female volunteers and those interested in VFI Plus, … Read more

November 2019 Volunteer in the Spotlight—Betty Misler

By Joan Allyn Kodish, I heard the most interesting anecdote recently. VFI Board Members, Jean Campaiola and Roger Harris told this writer that they had met a most remarkable woman; all because of Jean’s Sar-El cap!  At a Raleigh NC performance of Tsofim, the Israeli Scouts, an elderly woman recognized the Sar-El symbol and struck … Read more

September 2019 Volunteer in the Spotlight—Jo Ann Leeds

By Joan Allyn Kodish, Volunteers for Israel (VFI) is pleased to shine its spotlight for September on a most committed Sar-Elie, Jo Ann Leeds. The persuasive Jo Ann is married and her husband, Richard, will join the work and camaraderie, his wife so loves, when he joins her and makes his first Sar-El volunteer appearance … Read more

The VFI PLUS ADVANCED Program April 2019

By The Gemishoot Group, A loud cheer erupts from a group of Sar-El volunteers having lunch outdoors at an Aroma Café on their last Sunday before returning home. Looking confused, other nearby patrons ask, “What are you yelling about?” A series of large Volvo trucks and flatbeds carrying tanks had just passed by. “They could … Read more

Volunteer in the Spotlight

By Joan Kodish Volunteers for Israel (VFI) is pleased to honor Mark Werner as our very first Volunteer in the Spotlight. Many readers of the VFI’s Volunteer Connection will recognize Mark as the President of the VFI Board. This Renaissance Man is, however, also a family man, a stamp collector, a life-long Zionist, an author, a … Read more