Exciting New Program: VFI Plus Archaeology

By VFI Staff  View program information: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Volunteers-for-Israel-Expands-its-Program-with-Archaeology.html?soid=1117216088910&aid=jp6BNXkXzj4 Return to News Page

I Remember

By Joan Allyn Kodish I remember with great fondness, my first chance to volunteer in Israel through the aegis of VFI/Sar-El. In fact, I remember with joy each and every one of my volunteer assignments. I remember being on the telephone with my long-time friend, |Sally. On the spur of the moment we decided that we … Read more

Massachusetts War Vet a Grateful VFI Volunteer

By JWV MA Barry Lischinsky In the latest edition of “The Jewish Veteran” on page 14, there is an article written by JWV MA National Judge Advocate (NJA) Harvey Weiner titled “Sar-El (Volunteers for Israel).” Sar-El was organized in 1982 as an Israeli based National Project for Volunteers for the State of Israel. Throughout the years … Read more

Secrets of Success as a VFI Volunteer by Ruth Mastron

1. Be exactly where they tell you to be, exactly when they tell you to be there (even if nobody else is). 2. Do exactly what they tell you to do, exactly how they tell/show you to do it (even if it’s not 100% clear what or why that is). 3. Until they tell you … Read more